The Beginning of the new Blue Moon Clay Carvers Studio Store- Yeah!!
Site where old store used to be.
Getting ready for frost wall.
Pink blanket is covering our door to kitchen.
Frame is now starting, lacks roof and -20 degrees below zero!!
Snow is inside store, what else is new?
Roger is trying to imagine the roof line and where his paintings might fit!
Roger is now painting the chimney.  This is where we will be displaying our wall buttons.
Stairs leading up now to studio and are enclosed within the gallery.
Skylights sure do make a difference!
Our new front entry way is in our gallery!
Outside-hard to envision a garden!  Notice Buddah is now the king on the top of the roof!!
Future site of our mobile made by  Can't wait!
We are getting walls!
This page was last updated: October 13, 2008
Hey Wendy-How do you like the new color of our kitchen???
Wall going outside is now painted and crown moldings are done!!
New update!!
Roger painting walls-can't look!!
New shelves/getting ready for the floor.
Floor is in!  Looks awesome!
Outside view.  Snow much??
Tiled stairs lead to kitchen.
Hot tub view!
These photos will tell you why not to live in Maine!!
Back view.
We made it!!  Wall featuring 3 paintings along with the Tribute to famous artists series
Shelving with smaller items.
Wall featuring 2 paintings.
"Moon Maker" and Wholes series.  Deco Dude is way cool.
Top view looking into the gallery.
Paris and Leslie -our FIRST customers in our new gallery.  Thanks!