"At the Top"   an original oil painting
Roger Bisaillon artist       
The feeling of success is a fabulous yet fleeting experience.  This painting exhibits the empowerment one experiences in accomplishing true success in artistic endeavors, love, business or personal truths.
It is a great feeling to be "At the Top" of one's game.  This primal experience is showed by all people.  As an artist in a large and competitive world, it is so stimulating when the public appreciates your art.  This "psyche" from public encouragement accelerates the artist's determination to keep creating.
In the painting, the subject stands proudly upon his pinnacle of success.  An orb of energy surrounds him - this energy is created by his own personal success - and a surrounding world encases the subject with many varied positive influences.  As people progress through accomplishments, there are individuals that are left behind and the bottom of the pinnacle.  The line of circles are symbolic "frog eggs" in a row.  They are a representation of the seeds of future successes.
The elation of being at the apex of the pinnacle is outstanding.
36" Diameter                                $2,600